Ambrane Power Bank Features, Price, Specifications 2020

Ambrane Power Bank Features, Price, Specifications 2020

Ambrane power bank is yet another notable launch by Amazon on the 6th and 7th of August.

Amazon is holding a special Amazon prime day sale exclusively for prime members, where they are launching a number of electronic gadgets having impressive features at a discounted rate.

If you are on a hunt for devices and want to get them at an affordable price, be sure to keep an eye on Amazon for these two days.

Ambrane Power Bank Best Features, Price, Specs in India

Ambrane Power Bank is announced to have many remarkable features. Let us examine all of them in detail.

The ambrane power bank is claimed to be “the ultimate powerhouse” as it comes with a 20,000 mAh battery backup. It can quickly charge a number of electronic devices and still last up to one day.

• This power bank by ambrane also solves the problem of carrying multiple wires for various devices depending upon whether the device supports c type charging or micro USB type. This power bank supports both types of charging mode.

• This power bank has two output ports so that you can charge two devices at the same time

• The design is also very convenient and stylish. It has a Matte black exterior and comes with ports on both sides, which prevents congestion on only one hand.

• This power bank by ambrane is protected from short circuits as it has the PTC protective circuit. It is also manufactured in such a way that it neither provides overvoltage nor does it ensure Undervoltage.

• It comes with protection from both overcurrent output or overvoltage output. It is also protected from overvoltage input.

• Even if the user inserts the wrong device in the wrong port by mistake, the power bank or the device will not be affected

• The ambrane power bank also has a unique Temperature control, which maintains ambient temperature. Neither the charging device, not the power bank will heat up very much during the charging process

Ambrane Power Bank Features Review, Buy Online

• This power bank by ambrane is also publicized to have a reset function that returns all the settings back to the original state.

• Thus, this power bank comes with assured protection comprising nine steps, which ensure the security of the devices that this power bank will be used to charge and the user, of course.

Such elaborate safety protocols clearly indicate that ambrane has given top priority to the safety of the user.

Hence anyone can use this power bank safely and securely without any fear of it blasting or short-circuiting and damaging your expensive electronic gadgets or injuring yourself.

• This power bank by ambrane is currently retailing for 999 rupees which are quite understandable and equally reasonable, after assessing all of its advertised features. 

• It will be available only in the black variant.

Overall this power back is an ideal option for anyone searching for a budget power bank performing all the necessary functions and is high on safety.

Buy this power bank the first chance you get because such deals on this device will be difficult to obtain again soon.


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